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It makes sense to travel abroad as in industrialised countries prices of dentistry have been greatly rising. Many people also combine their dentistry visit with a tourist trip to Hungary as we offer a wide range of additional activities before, between and after the dental visits.


We offer a wide range of dentistry services from general dentistry, root canal through various type of dental surgeries as well as implantology, orthodontics, teeth supplement, teeth whitening and even more.




We provide a wide range of orthodontic services from the initial consulatiton with an orthodontist, having examinations such as X-rays or modelling as well as making a treatmant plan. Most of the orthodontic treatmens include the insertion of movable or fixed braces. Many of the braces are partly invisible, lingual braces are even more different in the way that they are complete invisible from ouitside view.


Teeth Whitening:


White teeth is hardly maintainable in this modern world, where drinking coffee or red drinks, eating colourful foods are everyday habits, that cause the darkening of teeth. In addition, as the tooth enamel gets older, the naturar teeth gets darker due to changes in the mineral composition.  In order to have an aesthetically beautiful smile with a natural looking white teeth, teeth whitening or many times called „dental bleaching” is an extremely popular procedure.





Dental Surgery:


Dental surgery is a medical field that involves the surgery of the teeth and/or jawbones.  In order to avoid any kind of discomfort or pain, specialists can do the surgery in local or full anaesthesia.


Most common surgeries are:


- Endodontic: Root canal is one of the most commonly used endodontic procedure, which is needed if not only the teeth but the pulp tissue is damaged mainly caused by very deep cavities.


- Prosthodontics: Specialized in the field where patients have partly or even fully missing or deficient teeth. Most commonly Crowns, Veneers, Bridges, Implants, Dentures are used to replace the jaw and teeth function and aesthetic outlook.


- Orthodontic: implants, fiberotomy, Extraction


- Wisdom teeth surgery: wisdom teeth need to be extracted if the jaw has not enough place to allow them to grow or stay without causing any additional problems.


- Sinus lift


Periodontics: Periodontist doctors are specialized in the  area dealing with the supporting structures of the teeth, especially  their prevention, treating deseases  and oral inflamations. Gingivitis is the most common periodontal desease produced by plaque.


Dental Crowns: The dental crown is a tooth shaped cap which serves as a cover to restore and protect the tooth, improve its appearance and prevent it from any further damages. Dental dcrown is necessary if a weak tooth needs protection or a broken tooth needs to be restored or a large filling needs to be supported because there is not much real tooth left.  It can be made from porcelain or gold.


Bridge: Bridges are used to substitute missing teeth by joining a substitute tooth permanently to the neighbouring tooth or dental implant. One of the tooth is crowned on one side of the missing tooth then a false tooth is made which is attached to the crown next to it.


Denture: Denture is a more affordable type of single tooth (partial denture) or even whole teeth (complete denture) removable replacement than having dental implants or bridges. They are often made of porcelain or plastic and there are several types available depending on  the patient’s tooth loss and condition of tissue.


Filling: It is a dental treatment restoring the crown of the teeth or even the roots after a root canal procedure. Only aesthetic fillings are used, giving a completely natural aesthetic outlook of the teeth.


Dental Implants:


Implants can serve as an alternative to dentures or bridges and is a longer lastin way to replace missing teeth. The implants are made of titanium and placed directly into the jawbone, which will be similar like the roots located in the natural teeth. Therefore this kind of procedure is kindly advised to those patients who have healthy jawbone. Those patients who suffer from any kind of diesease of gum or have weaker jawbone may be also provided with the solution of implants, however some procedures strengthening gum and jawbone are highly recommendable. Certainly our dental professionals are here to assist you through the whole procedure, from the first consulatation and examinations until the follow up control.


Pediatric Dentistry:


Prevention and treatment of children and adolescents teeth and oral cavity.


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