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Neurosurgery is a medical field dealing with diagnosing, treating and preventing any kind of disorders involving the whole nervous system including head, spine, pheripheral nerves and the cerebrovascular system.


As a result of the latest technology and neuroradical imaging techniques, access to the brain and spine has been aproachable and surgical interventions become safely and many times easily applicable compared to the old tehcnologies.


Fully equipped hospitals provide different kind of imaging state of the art technologies such as MRI, CT, angiography, radiological imagint.


Prior to diagnostic examinations, physical examination take place which include medical history of the patient,  recounting compaints, occurences, other dieseases and medications taken by the patient, examination of the nerves exiting from the brain, head and neck, checking the tone ofthe muscles running along the spine, examining limbs and checking reflexes Elextrophysiological examinations might be taken as well, including EEG (measure brain waves), ENG examine nerves running from the central nervous system to the muscles, tendons and skin), EMG (examine muscle functions).


Our leading neurosurgeons guarantee the highest standard of excellence and expertise in their work. We also believe that in addition to the medical care, trust between the doctor and patient is of utmost important since it contributes in large measure to the quality of care and the patient’s recovery.


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