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We ensure you with the highest quality of diagnostic technologies, that provide excellent imaging services located in a very safe environment.




X-ray imaging is a widely used imaging tool. Any kind of X-ray examinations can be found in our radiology departments, where they produce a high quality examinations using digital and safe equipments.




Ultrasound imaging is a technique to visualize internal organs, tendons and muscles as well using high frequency sound waves. Pains in the abdomen, muscle or tendon injuries, cysts, aneurysms, and obstructions can be diagnosed and estimated with our digital machines


CT Scan:


Computed Tomography uses uses x-rays and injected contrast dye to produce the images of certain body parts that enables the specialists to see what is inside the object and having a cross-sectional image without causing any kind of damage to the object.







Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an imaging technique using magnetic fields and radio frequency to form images and have information about the examined body part. Radiation is not used in this type of procedure.




It is a diagnostic imaging technique using X-rays to examine the inside of the breast. We offer screening  mammography imaging for those who have no abnormal breast symptoms, as well as diagnostic mammography imaging where patients have some kind of abnormality in their breasts.  Mammography screening is highly advisable for women above 35 years old for the early detection of breast cancer.


Bone Mineral Densitometry:


Bone density testing is a painless non-invasive imaging type using low X-rays to measure the density of calcium in the bones. This type of imaging technique is often used for detecting osteoporosis (bone loss).


Nuclear Medicine:


In nuclear medicine, imaging professionals use radioactive substances orally or intravenously to scan body parts in order to diagnose certain type of defections, deseases.  Most commonly used scanning areas are the brain, bone, liver, kidney, lung, thyroid and cardiac scanning.




This is an invasiva type of imaging where dye is injected into a vessel with the help of a a catheter to make it visibla on x-ray images. Vessels functioning abnormally and tumors can be detected this way.


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