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Specialists in medical area deal with any kind of disorders or deseases of the muskular and skeletal system, treating bone, joint, ligament, muscle and tendon disfunctions and injuries as well as athletic injuries, tumor sor degenerative and congenital disorders.


When dealing with orthopaedic ailments, the first and most important step is having a proper diagnosis. Our remarkably equipped hospitals provide you the most advanced diagnostic technologies to help you take the first step towards the improvement of your health.


Our highly qualified orthopedic professionals provide you with the most state-of-the art services, including using internationally reknown technologies and minimally invasive surgeries and treatment options, which will offer a much quicker recovery and healing period and help you return to your daily everyday regular life.


Arthoscopic surgery:


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery where a fiber optic camera is inserted into the joint through a minimal size incision.


Most common orthopedic injuries and diseases are of the bone, joint, muscle, nerve and tendon. Most frequently operated  surgeries are: foot, ankle, spine, hip, elbow, shoulder, hand surgeries, because of ailment such as fractures, dislocations, sprains or joint deseases.


Spine surgery:


Pain in the back is the most common intention for a visit of a specialist. The patients history, including health conditions and lifestyle, telling the location and the hardness of the pain is the starting point when examining the patient. Multiform examinations will follow using the most advanced imaging techniques to help specialists identify the cause of the pain. After havin all necessary examinations, surgical and non surgical treatment options are available. If surgery is needid, our clinics use the lates and minimally invasive surgical techniques among the field of open back and nec surgery. Endoscopic spine surgery is regularly used when non invasive treatment options are not suitable enough. However most spinal disorders don’t require surgical intervention, but individually suited non-surgical treatments. Phisiotherapies and rehabilitation programs are hled by highly experienced medical specialists using techniques and technology working ont he uppermost standard levels.


Commonly used nonsurgical treatments:


- Therapeutic exercises
- Physiotherapy
- Injection therapy (minimall invasive spinal injections)
- Infusion therapy
- Anti-inflamatory medications


Spine specialists often consult with orthopedists of other field, Physiotherapists, Neurologists in order to creat the most adecuate and efficient therapic methods including personalised physiotherapy program and if necessary, what changes are needed in activity lifestile of the individuals.


Sport surgery:


Sport Surgery is that special area of orthopaedics that deals with the prevention, development, diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders, diseases and injuries of the locomotor system. It deals especially, with injuries of the locomotor and support systems sustained during sport activities, as well as, injuries resulting from overuse experienced either during sports activities or as a consequence thereof. Acute muscle, ligament and joint injuries, as well as, chronic damage caused by overuse are, initially, treated conservatively (non-surgically), whenever possible. Some sport injuries, however do require surgery and these are then performed by our very able and highly expreienced surgeons at the highest standard levels using the most up-to-date technology.


Sports physiotherapy and regular physioteraphy go hand in hand in providing optial treatments and prevention programs for the professionals as well as the leisure time sports enthusiast and help avoid some injuries.


We are experienced in treating the following areas of sports and overuse injuries:


Knee joint injury, ligament tear, dislocation, cartilage injury, shoulder, ancle and elbow joint instability, limited motion and pain, problems with Achilles tendon, clinical pattern of the spine due to overuse, other soft tissue injuries (muscle and tendon).


Injuries are treated – wherever possible  through arthroscopic surgery, however thanks to the most modern technologies, open surgeries are also less invasive and painless with shorter healing period.



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