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We offer  many kind of treatments and surgeries to deal with nature’s imperfections, may it be a cosmetic or a reconstructive surgery.


If you want to see a more attractive look when you look in the mirror, Hungarian cosmetic surgery will put it into your hands. From BOTOX injections to nasal surgeries, breast augmentation or hair implantation to liposuction– any kind of cosmetic surgeries are available from top to toe. Your transformation will be taken care of in modern up-to-date facilities by internationally trained, English speaking doctors and surgeons.


Plastic surgeons working for us are widely recognized specialists, having national and international experience, who are here to help you achieve your individual needs, giving full support and information you need. We provide a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments with the highest level of care and privacy. Plastic surgery is extremely popular, as internationally educated specialists and medical staff can help you to have a perfect outcome when you are having full privacy and pay only a fragmental price for the treatments as you would pay at home. Our plastic surgeons using the most efficient and modern methods are waiting just for you to help you achieve an aesthetic body.


For those customers who order our medical services, we offer a complimentary sightseeing tour in Budapest.


Our plastic surgeons perform the following plastic surgical interventions:


Reconstructive Surgery:


These kind of plastic surgeries serve to restore functions and appearance of certain damaged body parts caused by accidents, surgeries or deformed in connection with the birth or development of the individual’s body.

Congenital deficiencies:


- Birthmarks, nevus, hemangiomas

- Abnormal breast development

- Cleft lip and palate

- Arm, finger and hand anomalies

- Face, facial bones and skull anomalies

- Ear anomalies (flap-ear)

- Urogenital system development anomalies in males and females


Deficiencies caused by trauma or diseases:


- Incisions, scars

- Burns

- Reconstruction of body parts after surgery

- Loss in the breast (gained after injury or cancer)

- Jaw fractures

- Joint disorders

- Facial fractures

- Eye injuries that prevent vision

- Soft tissue injuries and deficiencies (caused by accidents, injuries) and more


Cosmetic Surgery:


Are you looking for a greater personal appearance or want to enhance your self-confidence? If you are unsatisfied with your body or just want to change the way you look, you can consider many type of cosmetic surgeries, where you are treated in an extremely high professional way giving the most privacy and relaxing environment you need at very affordable prices, where you can expect savings from 30% up to 70%. Our clinics offer all available procedures, from simple cosmetic treatments such as mesotherapy to complex surgeries and different kind of packages.

Cosmetic surgery is a type of a surgery that is produced on different kind of body parts in order to improve the patient’s appearance, to help patients achieve the look they feel comfortable and confident in. Because of the state of the art technologies and qualification of specialists the scarring caused by the surgeries are usually minimal and often hidden. The prices of any kind of plastic surgeries are drastically less than the surgeries produced in developed countries such as the United States or Canada or many European countries.


Type of cosmetic surgeries:


- Eyelid surgery

- Chemical peel

- Chin implant

- Neck lift

- BOTOX injection

- Breast Augmentation

- Breast Lift

- Breast Reduction

- Facelift

- Face ironing

- Jet Peel treatment

- Nasal surgery

- Liposuction: Arm Lift

- Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

- Rhinoplasty

- Hair transplantation

- Hair removal

- Gynecomastia

- Thytidectomy

- Brow lift

- Forehead lift

- Varicose vein treatment and more


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