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Rehabilitation therapies can help patiens dealing with medical deficits which cannot be healed or reversed by medical care or fighting with functional limitations because of any kind of trauma, accident or surgery.


Our rehabilitation centers offer a wide range of rehabilitation services which help in the faster recovery from injury or disfunction, helps in relieving pain and improve the individual health condition. An assessment will initially be carried out by a therapist or a team before a treatment program is designed to accommodate the needs of the patient.


Rehabilitation physicians work in close collaboration with other medical colleagues (neurologist, paediatrician, orthopaedic surgeon, and urologist) therefore gynecological, orthopedic, neurological, rheumatologic, muscle-skeletal, urogenital, cardiovascular, geriatric, amputa and even pediatric diseases and disfunctions can be treated.




It is a medical field dealing with the restoration of injuries, disabilities of functioning, any kind of mobility impairment. Physiotherapy is held by physical rehabilitation therapists, after an initial assesment, diagnosing and treatment plan with a goal it should be reached.  Rehabilitation treatment can be carried out because of non-operative cases, such as cardiovascular, muscosckeletal, neurological or r5espiratory disfunctions or because of pre- or post-operative reasons.


Rehabilitation program may include electrophysical treatments, excercises and fitness programs, lifestyle education, speech therapy, special spinal, paediatric and amputee rehabilitation, occupational therapy giving guidelines and select adecuate activities for people with mental or physical health problems.


Other methods:


- McKenzie method

- Active stabilization

- Manual therapy methods

- Mobilization of peripheral nerves

- Intimate exercise (training the pervic floor muscles)

- Kinesio-taping (special bandaging technique)

- Functional kinetics

- Training with Fittball and Theraband

- Autogenic training (relaxation techniques, stress management, loosening techniques)

- Pregnancy exercise

- Spine School (life style consultation for spine care)

- Electrotherapy

- Massages

- Reflexology

- Treatments related to surgery (preoperative preparation, rehabilitation after surgery)


Sport Rehabilitation:


Sport activities are the most popular form of recreation, which, aside from being fun, have a very positive effect on our musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems as well as our metabolism. The best way to thoroughly enjoy sports is to be well prepared to not suffer injuries and experience no pain.


The amateur athlete may attempt several sports without having proper information regarding the prevention and treatment of injuries and without knowing the proper amount and quality of training that should be done to reach the goals set. This lack of knowledge again resulti in injuries.


The goal of our sports rehabilitation program is to shorten the time between the onset of injury and recovery. Our highly trained sports doctors are at your disposal with many years experience in treating sport injuries, to help you in your rehhabilitation following injury using state of the art equipment. The treatment offered by our sports rehabilitation department are minimally invasive techniquies, fast and professional rehabilitation.


Our physiotherapists consult with our patients offering advice and recommendations to lessen the number and severity of injuries.






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