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Neurology is a medical field dealing with impairment or diseases of the nervous system, such as epilepsy, muscle diseases, multiple sclerosis, central and peripheral nerve diseases, sleep disorders.


The most common problems are pain syndromes associated with the head and lower back as well as other pain syndromes such as dizziness, numbness, weakness, vision problems, unconsciousness as well as memory and mental problems.


Laboratory assessment and consultation with other specialists from other medical field is almost always essential as the nervous system might affected by other diseases or impairment of the individual.


The principal diseases of the nervous system:


- Developmental disorders

- Consequences of injuries t the nervous system

- Inflammatory diseases

- Immunological diseases

- Stroke

- Epilepsy

- Degenerative diseases

- Movement disorders (Parkinson’s Disease)

- Diseases of the spine and the spinal cord, surrounding nerve fibres and muscles

- Headaches



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