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Urology is a medical field which deals with problems of the urinary system (bladder, kidneys, urethra, ureters) of both genders and male reproductive organs as well. (Gynecologyst deal with the problems of the female reproductive organs.)


Because urology enclose a wide range of ortgans therefore doctors often collaborate with specialists from other medical fields such as endocrinology, gynecology, pediatrics and oncology. 


In recent years less and less invasive surgical actions are produced on patiens which results in less discomfort and pain, shorter recovery period.


Urological examinations:


- Medical history

(possible previous urinary tract and sexual organs disease,kidney stones)

- Blood test and Urinalisys

- Semen analysis

- Ultrasound examinations

- Urodynamic test

- Uroflow test

- Screening examinations

(Preventive Screening, Cancer Screening,Children’s Screening)


Urological treatments and surgeries:


- Lithotripsy

- Prostate Laser Surgery

- Laparoscopic Kidney surgery

- Surgery for Prostate Cancer

- Urinary Incontinence surgery

- Cystoscopy

- Vasectomy

- Circumcision

- Male Infertility Treatment

- HPV treatment


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